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Jimbo Wittllstone@ 11:41pm 08-22-2014

Girls shouldn't play video games. But this is funny.
complaintsboard@ 3:24am 08-21-2014

This is about a cell phone repair shop, having a dodgy practice, every transaction is in cash, there is no track or receipt believe he is saving tax by doing this.IRD should get behind this.
vincethescout@ 12:27am 06-23-2012
Hi i read this like last year and it was the Best Comic EVAH!
I can relate to this because they trea children like they treat girls. So thanks and ill miss this comic
fgsfds@ 3:54pm 02-09-2012
Please learn how to draw shadows. These shadow are just a brown mess. Copy shadows style from buckley\vgcats comics and visual style would be much better.
XMD@ 3:33pm 02-28-2011
Promise you'll keep on gaming, k?
Lt. Tibbles@ 2:52am 02-05-2011
In the wise words of Scout regarding the end of the comic: THIS SUCKS!!
please bring it back or I will Herpa-Derp you. (p.s. my my name is from Combine Nation if you've ever seen it.)
Lassy@ 2:21am 01-08-2011
Im going to miss this comic, but at least it had a good run!

Thank you!
One of the derps@ 5:56pm 12-30-2010
omg this comic really told what it is like be on the internet full of idiots.

I'll really miss this comic,and i hope it comse back some day before i day(hopefully before then)

until then,i'll stick with villian
Laslo Freeman@ 12:45am 12-24-2010
Awesime comic. Just awesome.
Vexicore@ 10:41pm 10-08-2010
Should have signed long ago.
LTNObvious@ 5:05pm 09-20-2010
LTNObvious was here! Your comic is the best ever!
Fira@ 11:48pm 09-06-2010
what is this i dont even

Naw, but seriously. Awesome comic! Wish I still had time to Gmod... or play any games, for that matter.
Mail@ 9:23am 05-22-2010

Graah-I want zombies.
tekrano@ 7:26pm 05-05-2010


tally ho old chap there seems too be a hunter on me oh nevermind ill listent oo its amusing music whilst i read this spiffing webcomic.
OH MY glorious day. a comical strip on the internet that is most netertainin and touching bravo!
p.s nanananaaananannnaaanaannananaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
p.p.s more inside jokes in one night then you can wave aa headkip at
Zaikaru@ 4:47pm 04-01-2010
Happy first of April Maniac >:3 Ow shit it's 00:47 ... Shit...

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